Computers and Software

What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device that has the capability of receiving information in a specific form, and process it using a sequence of operations with the help of programs to generate a result required by its user. This data can be in various forms such as audio, video, images, text, games, and much more. The high cost of modern computers makes it difficult for owners of new businesses to purchase them. computer leasing is the best option for them, as it allows them to gain access to the most powerful computers at an affordable monthly sum.

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Who would use a computer?

Both homeowners and business owners require computers. The former uses it to surf the internet, watch streaming movies, listen to their favourite songs, check their emails, play online games, and do online freelancing jobs that allows them to increase their monthly income. The latter requires computers for maintaining the details of their employees, conduct office related work, including financial transaction, and use it for updating their online store as and when they add new products to their inventory as well.

Why is an anti virus software needed on a computer?

The net is full of cyber criminals who take every opportunity to take over computers all over the world by injecting it with malicious data (virus) that compromises the security of the data stored on the computer. The anti virus program protects computers on which they are installed against attacks by viruses. It does so by comparing the code of the allegedly malicious data with their list of known viruses and quarantines that data if it believes that it is dangerous, preventing the data from spreading and causing mayhem on the hard disk drive of the concerned computer.

What is anti virus software?

An anti virus software is a special program, coded to thwart of attacks by viruses. The research team of such programs regularly search online for latest threats and include it on their cloud based database from which it is downloaded to all computers containing their AV program. This software prevents attacks from viruses on the installed computers. It would be wise to point out that some AV programs also have heuristic scanners that can detect a yet unknown virus, quarantine it, and send its details to the programmers so that they can prepare an antidote for it.

What are the benefits of using an anti virus software?

The benefits of using such software are manifold. Apart from protecting the data stored on the HDD of the device, it also prevents attacks from dangerous threats such as ransomware, which encrypts all of the data in the infected PC, and forces its owner to pay a ransom to purchase a key that will decrypt the data.

Who would use anti virus software?

Anybody using computers require such software to protect their valuable data from being stolen by cyber criminals.

Why do people have computers?

People have computers as it allows them to complete a task that would have taken them several days if done manually, in a couple of minutes.